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eddies baby girl

well like many of you i have tried alot of these remedys. some of them work some of them dont. i like the brush your teeth and rinse really good with LISTERINE but that usually only helps me for about 5 or 10 mins. sometimes if i catch it quick enough my tooth wont hurt for hours.. other times i take 2 or 3 800 milagrams of ibprophen and take a hot hot shower. i let the water run over my head and face and hum a tune kinda loud. i hurts for a few mins but not long. alos you can try a cold compress or ice pack which ever or i like to use a hot rag. i wet it and stick it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.. you may have to keep re heating it every few mins but i swear it works... the clove oil helps sometimes... it hurts for the first like 20 seconds but eventually it starts to work..
oh dont use the adult oragel, that shit aint worth the money its made with and most the time makes the pain worse... use the baby oragel i swear by it. mainly the night time one. i need it more than my kids do lol. i got 16 teeth that are completely broken of too the gum line. its to the point wehre i can start to see my jaw bone. so i know what im talking about. and ive been dealing with it for 5 years now. i also have to take darvesets and nurotin sometimes but i try not too.. but seriously try the baby oragel than use the hot rag thing! it works i promiss!

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my tooth is broke off at the gum line! I put baby orgel on it and dont work wat else can i try?

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