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Hey guys...i'm a 22 female who has had warts for over a year now, of course the doctor prescribed me the usual Aldara which didnt work. I dont have health insurance so going to the dr. wasn't the best decision being that I cant afford to get them frozen off. I've tried vitamins, toothpaste and apple cider vinegar but I couldnt stand the pain, and having to tape around the area (which is especially difficult being a girl) I recently started using the Compound W gel, and my warts are going away!!! :) i have two rather large ones that have been around since last May 2009 and ive been using the gel for a little over a week and they are already disapearing, i've already gotten rid of 4 of them. The gel actually dries in a minute or so and creates a white plaster on the wart, I left the plaster on for a day and than took it off cleaned the area and re-applied and there is NO pain. Yes the box does say do not use on genital warts but, I have no scarring and i'm almost wart free, I will of course keep on using vitamins and keeping aware of my Immune system since we all know thats the main cause. I really wanted to share this with all of you because I have had them for a YEAR and now they are almost gone. I finally have my self confidence up and I know thats also helping clear them up too because im finally not stressed out about having warts because there almost gone!! I hope this helps you all and good luck

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