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Nicole W.

okay, so ive always had frizzy wild hair. but lately things have been diffrent. i was at my barn having a sleepover and the only shampoo we had was mane n' tail. its works wonders on your hair!!! it smells good to me because i love bathing the horses and it works great. not to mention its super cheap. i always have a spare bottle of mane and tail now 'just in case the horses runs out'..

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grandmother uses the same thing and I have also used it. It works great! but I would only use it for dry hair or if you have oily hair use it once or twice a week :)


How frizzy was your hair? Just a bit, or out of control, you look like you stuck your finger in an outlet. I'm only curious, because my hair is frizzy description #2. I'm actually in the middle of an olive oil home treatment I hope will help, but I'm very interested in trying your way!


What is mane and tail and where do you buy this product?


I use this Stuff && i works really good. It make it shine and makes it soft :) love it


oh, so you guys are frizz heads :P


You should be able to buy the stuff at Sally's (if you have this beauty supply place near you). You can, also, sometimes get it at a grocery store.


You can found it in Walmart in the pet department.


You can buy it at any drugstore in the hair cair aile. CVS Rite Aid.

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