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I wash with water (preferably with a spray attachment on the shower) as hot as I can stand it, several times a day. Relieves itch for about 10 hours, feels realy good, and helps bring affected area to a head.

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I agree on the feeling really good,and does stop the itch for about 10 hours,,hot hot water though.


agree. been using this technique for years. stops itching for long periods of time, and seems to help clear it up a little faster than if left alone.


Suffering from ivy rash as I type this. First time getting it thought I was a lucky 15% person. 3 things helped me get over my numerous swellings and rashes! Calmine Lotion, Hot Showers, and a Ivy spray.
First off you want to dry the rashes fast as possibly. If you leave you allow your rashes to itch and swell then you are going to be miserable. If your rash is spreading its not because you don't change the sheets nightly, its because those places either had the least amount of oils on them. or you have spread some of the plants oils on something you touched.
If you know you touched the plant immediately wash all clothes, items and yourself with a strong detergent. Dawn dish soap would work as well

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