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I came across this site as my husband has been in agony with a cracked tooth for a couple of days, of course the Doc is out this week, and well, we knwo the cost of emergency room visits etc. Anyway, when I had a toothache that was so bad I thought I was going to cut off my head, I put orajel onto a piece of gauze and packed it over the broken tooth. What a relief until the dentist pulled it out. Nothing had worked. But somehow the covering of the exposed gum, tooth, root, whatever was perfect. I am going to have my hubby try some of these rememdies. I hope something helps him, the painkillers are not working and like someone said, he's popping them like tic-tacs. Good luck everyone!

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Your husband should try Tylenol Meltaways for kids/juniors. I had a terrible toothache and I felt like almost going through the roof! This is the only thing that helped. Nothing else worked. Good Luck!


i understand exactly what your husband is going thru. ive had the 4 worst days of my life. i have a very infected tooth and thank God tomorrow morning the dentist is either going to try to save with a root canaol or just extract it. it wanted it out. it's been putting thru hell these last 4 days. i thought well still think im gonna die from the pain. its like my head is going to explode BIG TIME. it makes me cry like a baby. i take ibuprofen every 6 hours but still had the pain then the doctor said that evrytime i took ibuprofen then in 3 hours take regular tylenol then 3 hours later take ibuprofen again, that kinda helped a little. but what i noticed that heped the most is sucking BIG TIME on ice. i carry a cup of ice with me everywhere. hope that helps

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