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Ruthie from Massachusetts

Second time this summer(and in my life), that I got poison ivy. First time was what I considered mild. Just a patch on the back of one arm, so I didn't try any remedies. Just washing and applying a medicated lotion. This time, the outbreak is bad and after 3 days is spreading. It's on my hands, wrists and arms and now is spreading to my legs and torso. Purchased Ivyrest wash and caladryl at Walmart. Washing affected areas 5 times a day. And applying caladryl. On 4th day, started trying rubbing alcohol on affected areas followed by a paste of epsom salt made by patting it into the caladryl on all affected areas. This helps the itching and helps with drying.It doesn't look pretty, but after it dries, you can wipe the loose epsom salt off and the residue stays on to provide more drying and itch relief. Also should mention it's very important to wash all your sheets daily, as if you're like me, you may be rubbing the rash on your bedding while you sleep at night, and the oils from the poison ivy will stay on them and reinfect you and cause the rash to spread. Overall, everyone's advice is very helpful. It's important to use degreaser to remove the oils, as soon as you know you've come in contact, and continue to degrease several times a day. Use caldryl, epsom salt or another drying agent to help with the itching and to dry the rash and change your sheets every night to prevent the rash from spreading and/or reoccurring. Hope this is helpful.

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actually poison ivy can only be spread from initial contact with the plant or something that has touched the plant... so as long as you washed before getting in bed immediately after coming in contact with it you should be fine

PI is my nemesis.

Not true. It spreads when the oils are weeping and you rub them on other parts of your body. You can get it off your pets when you pet them, or off your gardening clothes as you are taking them off. Don't ever burn the plants, the oils go up into the smoke and you can get PI in your lungs. Very dangerous.


After you wash the oils off the first time the poison ivy doesn't create more oil. The stuff inside of the rash is mostly water


Yes, you can get it from your animals and clothes because the oil is on those surfaces. No, the fluid inside the blisters is not oil and it does not spread from the actual rash.

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