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Rise Above It

I've found attitude as critically important, to relieve the stress. Do whatever to rise above it. My research reveals that 40 million people have GH and over a million more get it each year, some populations it exceeds 50%, while the majority of those with GH have no symptoms. We are not alone... and just let the stress go and quit being so judgemental about our self! The more I read, the more I find GH becomes quite manageable. No one needs to blame anyone and we are all equally innocent, as each person probably got it much like we did.

I tried the nail polish remover and that made it so much worse. eek! The apple cider vinegar wasn't much help either.

Clean with hydrogen peroxide, use topical zinc, increase lysine and vitamin C, reduce the stress, and that's working well after just one day. Optional: watch a funny comedy... try laughing.

The next challenge is to know when and how to inform and educate a potential future partner, who probably already has GH but doesn't know it. If they're understanding, they're a 'keeper.' If they're not, then they're probably shallow and not my type. Anyway, protection is always a necessity.

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thanks soo much for saying that we need to quit being soo judgemental of ourselves! i have been kicking my own ass over this, feeling dirty and worthless and diseased ...oo you name it and i've thought it of my self. thanks again!


Thank you.

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