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I had a mild case. Before it got too out of hand (even though it is the worst i've had it) i decided to try some homeopathic remedies.

I put some baking soda in my socks. In the morning my feet were sore even one of my toes were red. I guess baking soda isn't the greatest idea!!! But i think i added way too much. It has a pH of 8, our skin is 5, fungus likes 5. It doesn't do well in acidic which is lower, i looked for lime juice which is 1.8-2 and i couldn't find any so i went with something really different to 5, something way higher. Mylanta/milk of magnesia.

i soaked my feet in approximately 2 cups vinegar (pH 2.4-3.4), about 6 cups hot water and a tablespoon Epsom salts which is soothing for my feet since they were sore from the baking soda. Just warning you it tingles to a slight very bearable sting (could be from the baking soda). This shocked me that it would sting, but i guess that meant it was working.

i soaked that for at least an hour while i read magazines. Then i used some selsun blue anti-dandruff shampoo since i previously always used cedel to wash my feet which has 2% pyrithione zinc which is double the concentration of head and shoulders, i figured it had a slight resistance to it and Selsun blue contains another chemical selenium sulfide. I put the shampoo on my foot brush and scrubbed my feet well. I pumiced; since the fungus feeds off dead skin, and then scrubbed it again. I rinsed feet in the same solution i had before (not a fresh batch). Then i dried with a towel, then with a hair dryer and used Mylanta (or milk of magnesia). It has a very high pH of 10.5 so it should make it tough for the fungus to thrive. It makes your toes white but after i dried it with a hair drier it wouldn't rub off on clothes and stuff much at all.

So far i've noticed it cut down in itchiness and actual flaking by at least 80% and i didn't harm my feet in disastrous ways. I think the baking soda in my sock the night before probably was a bit over kill. I will try mix some corn starch with baking power next time to dilute it a bit.

Hope that helps someone out there. I'm going to do the same tomorrow and then just use the scrub of selsun in the shower because it takes up too much of my time and i just need it in control. I'm airing my feet out for 8 hours and as much as i can, i don't want to sleep with them uncovered incase i put the fungus in my bed sheets.

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Urinate on your feet and leave on for a few min. in the shower, it works!! (Urine is sterile)


What homeopathic remedies did you use? I get the feeling that you mean 'natural remedies.' Homeopathy is a very distinct form of medicine that does not encompass all sorts of natural remedies. Google 'homeopathy' - it's a fascinating topic!


How in the world would anyone have the time to do all this? Seems a lil much, and you didn't even say it cured, you just said you were going to continue doing it the next day. I'll stick to the pee pee...


The ph of skin is incorrect, on everything. Your feet don't heal because of a ph balance, or imbalance. It's a fungus!


The OP was saying that fungus thrives at the same PH balance as our skin, so changing the PH balance will help to kill and prevent fungus ... not that PH is the source of the trouble.

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