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just eat ice cream until it goes away, a pint will do just everytime you sit down to eat or do anything that sparks your acid reflux, have your ice cream on hand...I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

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Yeah that sound great! Like one mentioned before, now your over weight AND have acid reflux. One of the dumbest things I've ever heard!


Do your research! Ice Cream is absolutely the worst thing you could eat when you're dealing with acid reflux. Like the other poster said you would only be setting yourself up for more severe problems.


Clearly you are having fun at the expense of those who suffer from gerd, including myself. You did however make me laugh as well, jackass. :)


At post by 'Dr at 2011-07-01 16:10:27': Are you really a medical doctor? Or do you just have a PhD in philosophy or something? Have you ever studied chemistry at all? Any kind of vinegar (including apple cider vinegar) is actually acidic, not basic. The main ingredient in vinegar that makes it sour is acetic ACID. In fact, just about any 'sour' flavor is the result of some type of acid, eg. citric acid in lemons, lactic acid in yogurt/kefir, hydrochloric acid from your stomach which causes the sour taste of acid reflux, etc. So...adding more acid to your already overly-acidic stomach probably won't help.

Also, baking soda is the main ingredient in antacid tablets like Tums & Rolaids. The main difference however is that those pills are formulated for a safe dosage, whereas the 'couple tablespoons' that has been recommended by several people here obviously isn't. If you have acid reflux and a standard dose of Tums doesn't help, I'd recommend a little more research before just jumping on the nearest home remedy. Also, your primary care doctor isn't just a tool to push pills from the big drug companies (or he/she SHOULDN'T be, at least...). If you tell your doc you want a non-pharmaceutical solution, he/she should have alternatives for you to try. Good luck, all.

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