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just rub ice on the area of your hand between your thumb and index finger, i find that the right hand works better, and make sure its the back side of your hand and not the palm side...instant relief for most toothaches for quite awhile, just repeat as needed...Happy Toothache to all!

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My 14 year old is suffering. This has worked the best so far.


This must be some sort of distraction technique because I've iced that area of my hand for quite a few minutes now and my tooth is still throbbing in pain.


I just did the ice thing... Worked pretty good, almost instantly, but didn't last too long. I would atleast give this one a try!


This works sometimes, It is an accupuncture technique that releases endorphins. It sometimes takes several minutes to work. Pressing on the webbing with your nails also works, press till you feel the slightest bit of pain and hold for about 2 minutes. you may not feel it immediately but it has worked for me in at least reducing the pain to just a dull ache that was more annoying than painful.

achin momma

i am a breast feeding mother with four impacted wisdom teeth and connot afford to have them removed i found this works best for me exspecially cause i cant take any meds.


didnt' stop the pain completely but it does subside it enough to be to somewhat more tollerable. ty


it worked for me nice

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