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If you are experiencing pain so severe that there are tears rolling down your face as you desperately search the internet for some magical, cheap cure, then kid yourself no further.

I have had an abscessed tooth that comes and goes with pain ranging from mild to severe for the past two to three years. I had a root canal done on it about 5 years ago; according to my dentist, it needed to be either re-done or extracted. I opted to do neither due to the cost even with insurance.

Now fast forward to today... although I am still in some degree of pain, the relief could not have come in any other form than a visit to ER. I have a pretty high threshold for pain after having three of my four children naturally, but the excruciating pain I felt Saturday night had me wailing like a stuck pig while curled up in the fetal position. I have used this site before for other ailments (dandruff, minor foot stuff) so I thought I'd try for this one...well, although some tips were plausible (salt gargle, alcohol swish), none provided more than a few seconds (yes, seconds) of relief for me.

There is no other remedy for severe tooth pain (severe, meaning, throbbing pain, swollen glands, inability to eat talk or sleep)than the urgent care clinic or ER. I say this because you will probably need a shot of antibiotics to speed up the process of healing, and you will not need to provide money upfront. Of course, you'll get a bill days later about the equivalent of the cost of a brand new Kia, but if you plan to stick around in this world a little while longer, you will take heed. Tooth infections can spread to the ear and brain.

My last piece of advice for very temporary relief before you go to ER is 1) 2 ibuprofens with 2 acetaminophens and 2) alternate cold compress with warm compress to the facial area near the affected tooth.

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