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There is stuff on amazon called Hurricaine Topical Gel.. invest in it...there is nothing better than it out there it will destroy anything on the market including orajel , it wont help if your face is swelling ( in other words its just for pain )''' Trust me it works better than anything out there ...I have and use cherry flavor, I hope this helps you all.

Its gel dip your finger in it and apply to the area that hurts or the damaged tooth , gum, ect... instant relief ...

If you have used it and it helped please report your sucess here in the comment section so others will know as well...

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I just bought the same stuff a week ago. I too think its better than anything else, but it doesn't seem to last very long before it wears off. Maybe its because my toothache is beside my canine tooth on the bottom and rubs off quick. It does provide instant numbing and its wonderful, I just wish it lasted longer... maybe a tea bag and then the Hurricane will do the trick.
I now have dry socket so nothing is helping me now.....

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