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Gargle with warm water containing:

Cayenne Pepper (Powder)
Tobasco (a few drops)
Lemon juice (I use RealLemon, about 4 drops /1 squirt)

Mix well in coffee cup.

As you gargle say 'Ah, Oh' and 'Mi, Li' -- this strengthens the vocal cords, and opens them up.

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Ouch! My throat is really raw. It seems like this would hurt!


just tried it and it definatly helped but I think you may be able to get the same results from hot water and salt if you are afraid of a little heat.


lol. you are evil.


My mom used mix salt and baking soda. Its an old Russian remedy. :))




used this today -- stopped my sore throat almost instantly..


wow, i've had a bad sore throat all day, i just tried this a min ago, and I can't feel any pain anymore. and... it cleared up my stuffy nose. cool. thanks!

Don Kevin

I dont believe it, it worked of course i felt wierd afterwards but nice took the pain away but it is still there just no pain good enough


just tried this, and had no honey so i substituted maple syrup, lol. it tasted awful but i do think it helped a little bit, we will see for how long though. going to get some honey later and tryng just some tea and honey and i think i stick to the warm salt water


How much salt??

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