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If you read these hilarious remedies t your girlfiend. Make her laugh her ass off...Her stomach ache will go away! Tested and proved! :D

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Your advice is horribly stupid. BEATS, RHYMES, MUSIC...

I did your remedy; she laughed her ass off (now my girl has an amazing ass), unfortunately the force of her laughing made her ass go into her stomach. Now she has no ass, and her stomach looks like an ass. THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING HOUSEHOLD REMEDY, YOU SHOULD WIN THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE FOR YOUR INVENTION OF 'STOMACHACEITISDOSASSITOSIS' (elementary for Stomach-to-Ass)


That will make it worst!!!!!!


I told your girl friend about these remedies and we ended up having sex.


That's cute..(:


Yes!! That's the remedy I was looking for

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