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My panic attacks started in 1990 till 1995 for some reason they went away. For the past year now I have been getting attacks again now they are so bad that I can't go anywhere alone. I make sure that I am never alone one of my adult children is with me 24-7. I am a 47 yr old single female, I keep my children from haveing a life because they have to be by my side to comfort me when I have an attack, my kids do not understand what I am going through they only see how scared get. I do a lot of praying, these attacks keep me humble. When I have an attack I pray out loud & tell God I'm scard I don't know why I'm going through this Lord but I need you to comfort me I have no one to turn to but you. Sometimes holding one of my grandkids helps. I try to tell myself 'your not gonna die, it'll be over soon' but it gets pretty scary. I just went on a trip we were on the road for 16 hours away from home for 10 days, I had 1 bad panic attack I almost ruined our trip. My daughter got a womans multi vitiman I took as we started our trip which seem to help. I know that God will heal me & my family from this generational curse.

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Chris L.

This sounds way way way more to me as a demonic attack and you should be aware of that. I have had them before for quite some time untiil I realized what I was truly battling. Powers and Principalities...the devil. has a great resource on the subject under the spiritual warfare section. God and obedience is your only hope here. Many people treat panic attacks as a imbalance of some sort all the while demons are licking their lips at this type of ignorance. God Bless and please at least look into what I am telling you. Sincerely, Chris Love


I'm experiencing the same thing as you. Please let me know if you find something that helps you.

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