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I think im smart iv read every remedy for acne in this site so i came up with this youll need some container to mix that you wont use for anything else . use a dime size of hand sanatizer(it kills germs that cause acne)next add moskito repelent(i used cutter skinsations insect repelent with aloe vera and vitamin e)since these are terrible and bad to breath put an oil free musturiser or toner with out oil(you should always use more musturiser than everything else i used proactiv's refining mask) it might dry dry skin like mine so wear it before bed and use a very good face lotion (you can just mix prouducts araund your hause that have vitamin e ,aloe vera, and kills germs)

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So your saying this works but how can it go faster my new and inproved formular: mix any product with benexoyl peroxide (a acne treatment that didnt work) ground cinnamon and vinager. Any mayo or products in home remedies can be used .also use the past formal and mix it all together it should be a water then always use lotion and sunscreen. Diet and exercise help please tell me if it worked for u


hand sanitizer is horribly ridden with chemicals which are BAD for skin. Esp. Acne! And mosquito repellent is the worst!!! Even without ddt is horrible!! The reason you may thing the repellant works is it has aloe and vitamin e in it. Youre better off going for it straight up! Kinda like how prego women eat dirt(iron deficiency) your body knows what it needs and craves it. Dont use ..or use as least possible products with chem icals in it. It soaks into your skin!! Just cause its on shelf doesnt mean its safe.....


Wow, mosquito repellant & hand sanitizer? I'm sorry, but are you trying to like burn your skin off? That's honestly the dumbest thing I've ever heard.. If you would rather ruin your skin, do that.. Seriously, just go under the sink and put bleach on your face.


This has got to be some sort of joke. You may think you're smart, but by your spelling and unbelievably dangerous products that you suggest using, I can't see why anyone would willingly follow your instructions. This may end up literally killing some one, because there are so many chemicals in mosquito repellant that you should not breathe in, or get in your eyes. Yes it is meant to be applied to your skin, but in minute doses.

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