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basil plants by the door will rid u of the flies. i've been bother by house flies for years even have chemial sprayer on my carport to no relief. then read article about basil, flies can't stand the smell. my carport was covered every day with them got inside my house i was killing them all the time anywhere from 50 - 75 everyday. bought sweet basil plants and placed 1 by the carport door and 1 on a table and then no more flies has worked all summer. i had flies where we live for the past 16 years this is the first year i not gone crazy over the flies inthe house.

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i have brought sweet basil plants and i watched the fly just sit on the leaf far out i have so many flys in my garage cause i leave the door opoen for my cats to get out and i know i have more flys cause of the kitty litter box stinks im over using a tin of fly spray a day


Tried it didn't work at all!!!


I have a garden full of basil and the fly love that is not a good way to rid your area of flies


I have 8 sweet basil plants on my porch. I have dozens of flies.

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