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Bring to a boil extra virgin olive oil, and 2 whole cloves garlic, use a dropper and put about 4 drops in your ear, and top with a cotton ball

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by the way make sure that the oil is just about body temperature before using dont want to burn your eardrum or worst your child's.


baaaaaaaaaaad idea


There are actually a number of homeopathic remedies using this exact same formula. Thumbs up on this one.


boiling oil in your ear? Not a good idea.


every time my son gets a cold he also gets an ear infection. he has been on so many antibiotics for this and i dont feel comfortable putting any more into his little body. this time i thought i would try a home remedy at the first sign of ear trouble. of course i let the oil cool down to a warm temp before putting it in the ear. it really soothed his pain from the ear infection and seemed to help cut the healing time in half! by the very next day his fever had broken and the pain was gone! tried and true remedy!

one mom of many

The point of boiling is to create a chemical reaction between the oil and the other ingrediants. Its that chemical reaction that helps the pain in your ear. I would not suggest putting boiling anything in your ear. However, after the oil has cooled, it will help your pain. My doctor recommended using this in my son's ear (he is 15 months) because he has chronic ear infections. This has really brought him back to himself these past couple of days.


I just tried it after reading these home remedies on my little brother who was in tears all night tonight. He's 4 years old. When I seen that people on this site tried the hot oil on younger kids, I trusted it. And the comments helped aswell. He's actually quiet now! :s Wow! I'm surprised! & happy, ofcourse :p I heard ear infections are the WORST! But anyway, I'm guessing it's working, because he went from jumping up and down with tears and boogers all over his face, to laying on the couch quiet, watching cartoons.

I put the hot oil in his ear, (after it cooled ofcourse), like two drops with my (clean) pinky finger.
(&&I literally just checked up on him, he's asleep!)
Yippy! Hope he stays like that for the rest of the night!
Thank you for posting this btw =]


I am 44 year old nurse..... I have a terrible ear infection... I took antibiotics for.... just want to say... I made this.. even though I didn't have olive oil.. used vegetable oil... and put in two drops of lavender oil with the garlic.... let it cool... two drops in each ear.. stuff with cotton... nearly immediate pain relief.. in less than two minutes... Thank you....

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