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One night night i was trying to relieve a headache, and me and my two girlfriends were sitting outside so we decided to fill a bag with ice, and stick it ontop of my head. Also (reccomened for smokers), smoking a cigarette helps! +(as i type this im sitting with a bag on my head!) hope it helped!

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Smoking is not a home remedy. Nicotine causes blood vessels in the brain to narrow thus making the headache worse. Wow this is the third one so far that I've read and had to tell you idiot your telling people the exact wrong advice. Learn your facts before you post.


I agree with Annoyed


Actually.... Headaches come from vasoDILATION, so narrowing the vessels will HELP.

lacy aka lace

I also use ice from time to time an dit does help


Nicotine is not a very healthy substance. If it is helping a headache, it is probably because of an addiction to the nicotine.

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