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Restless Leg Syndrome is caused by pinched nerves in the spine. The aggravated nerve is what causes the legs to jump. I have had RLS since my teens and discovered that I also had a pinched nerve that dated from a horse-back riding injury when I was 13. I lived for 20 years with a pinched nerve and RLS and chronic pain. I tried everything: acupuncture, massage, medicine, home remedies, exercise, general chiropractic and it really didn't help. However, I discovered the Atlas-Orthogonal method of chiropractic a few years ago. I no longer knew what to do with this condition because I was getting zero sleep. AO chiropractic is really the only method that is of any use.

The Atlas is the very top bone in your spine and when it is not perfectly horizontal (orthogonal) it pinches the nerves as they leave your brain and enter your spinal column. Since the nerves carry messages to all parts of your body, if the Atlas is out of alignment and is causing an impingement, it can affect EVERY SINGLE SYSTEM in your body (digestive, nervous, muscular). I now know that if my RLS is acting up, I am out of alignment. I visit my AO chiropractor and I am FIXED!!

Atlas Orthogonal is a chiropractic specialty, and very few chiropractors are trained or equipped for this treatment. You can find a doctor here:
If you don't live near one, it is worth driving or traveling to one. I am telling you, it really saved me.

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Sorry I dont by that about the pinched nerve. Do the research!


Why are people so blind to the health benefits of chiropracty? Restless leg syndrome, as well as unexplained itchiness, are neurologically based. Pinched nerves can wreak havoc with your body; chiropracty completed cured my RLS.


you must be joking. Chiropracty cured something for you but it was not restless legs. You would have to HAVE RLS in the first place. People like you blurr the facts for those of us looking for help.

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