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Chigger bites. I went to Texas and wore sandals like I do where I live in California. Woe is Me! 4 days after I came home : 16 chigger bites(Yep, they were) I made a mistake in Texas and walked on a grass lawn that was not St. Augustine grass. I came here(4 days of sheer torment later, watching welts actually rise up under my skin). I'd tried Cortizone creams, Benedryl, hot showers, soap, cold showers and even 409! plus a series of OTC ''guaranteed remedies.''

Whoever recommended NAIL POLISH, Bless your heart. I mentioned it to the Pharmacist and she commented it created a '----' ,something medically termed but I suppose in simple terms: it smothers the little devils. Relief was INSTANT.

Gawd, what exquisite agony the itching created. NAIL POLISH NAIL POLISH NAIL POLISH.

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jammin jeff

i tried all types of itching creams but the only thing that worked instantly was nail polish.stings a little if its been scratched and is open, but not bad. man these little boogers itch like crazy.


Got chigger bites out hunting and I dont know who told me a long time ago to cover them with nail polish. So the first thing I did was the nail polish. Burned a little but it relieved the itching and by the next morning I was fine. No long periods of aganizing totrure.

old farmer

There seems to be a difference in nail polishes. I've worked outdoors all my life and whenever I had an encounter with chiggers I would put some of my daughter's nail polish on them & the relief was instant! Now that their grown I lost my supply of nail polish, so I had to go buy some. It doesn't work at all! Thank heavens the mouthwash did!!!

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