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Everybody hates those fruit flies or knats. I always use apple cidar vinager. Put some in a bowl with a drop of dawn dishsoap and place it where the flies are. They love it and it also helps with bad odors.

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I had been battling these fruit flies for 5 months, I had tried everytning, the vineger trap. The fruit flie trap.nothing worked. So I bought. Liquid drano. Poured it in all my sinks, tubes.let it sit for about an hour, covered all the sinks holes and tub holes until I used them,I kept them covered for a week.Plus I sprayed all my plants down with water and dawn dish washer liquid. Then I Killed all the fruit flies by way of fly swatter. I have never had a problem with them again.


amanda , sounds like you had drain flies and not fruit flies or gnats...


I been doing this for almost 2 weeks now , at first it worked well now it seems that some are attracted and some are not. Im just happy most are gone.


This works great for me with actual fruit flies. Anytime something in the garbage attract them they multiply I swear in a few hours and suddenly there's hundreds of them. I put ACV in a small cup or glass (I usually use a shot glass) and drop a few drops of dish soap in there. Within hours there's tons of them in there. You'd want to change this every 24 hours or so, once there's a graveyard in there it seems to lose it's effectiveness. It works wonders, though. If I take out the garbage or whatever is causing the fruit flies to be attracted, and put these out, if they're all over the place, they're maybe 50% gone by the end of the day and 100% gone within a day or two.


You can also use White whine instead of vinegar.

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