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This has always helped with clearing nasal congestion. The secret is to do this in the shower and maintain your upper body in a horizontal position, parallel to the floor. In a standard coffee mug filled halfway with tap water heat in a microwave and adjust temperature with cold water till it is hot but not scalding. Add 1/2 teaspoon of table salt and stir to dissolve. Cup your palm and pour some of the salt solution into your hand. While bending over snort some of the solution into one nostril while plugging the other with a finger. Because you are bent over the solution will run out your mouth and not down your lungs. Some will make it up your sinuses. Stay in the bent over position and be prepared for the onslaught of the release of congestion. Repeat in other nostril. repeat no more than twice in each nostril till needed again. Happy breathing.

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OMG! OMG! This is similar to the neti pot idea, but I don't have one, nor can I get one today - so I tried this idea. Since I awoke I have not been able to blow out of my nose and this actually allowed me to blow my nose!! The weirdest thing for me was the liquid running down my throat a bit, but a minor exchange for allowing me to relieve some congestion! Thanks!!!!!!! (PS, I used a syringe from Children's medicine, this worked great!)


This has been very helpful. I used sea salt and it worked great. Thank you!


Although this will work, you should always use distilled water when doing this or using a Netti pot. There is an amoeba than can be in some tap water that can kill you, it attacks the brain. So please used distilled or bottled water. Two people have died in the last year from improper use of a netti pot, always used distilled water!

someone happy (very happy)

Well it seemed like this worked for most people, i will leave this up and go try it, then say how it went.....

OMG OMG OMG it worked!!!! i made myself an iced coffee and boiled the water, added rock sea salt. dissolved it, added cold water. i leaned over the sink, snorted it. a lil liquoid went down my throat, which burned. did it with other nostril. leaned over sink. waited. tipped out water. i blew my nose. are you supposed to blow your nose? i did. and it still worked!!!! i can breathe. FINALLY!!! I CAN BREATHE!!!!!!

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