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This has always helped with clearing nasal congestion. The secret is to do this in the shower and maintain your upper body in a horizontal position, parallel to the floor. In a standard coffee mug filled halfway with tap water heat in a microwave and adjust temperature with cold water till it is hot but not scalding. Add 1/2 teaspoon of table salt and stir to dissolve. Cup your palm and pour some of the salt solution into your hand. While bending over snort some of the solution into one nostril while plugging the other with a finger. Because you are bent over the solution will run out your mouth and not down your lungs. Some will make it up your sinuses. Stay in the bent over position and be prepared for the onslaught of the release of congestion. Repeat in other nostril. repeat no more than twice in each nostril till needed again. Happy breathing.

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Nasal haze

sniffing some good old salt water!
it worked great! whew relief. :)


My mom always used this with great results!


Use a NETI POT to pour salt water solution into your nostrils and you can do this while leaning over a sink. Search for NETI POT on the web and it will show several places that sell them. I use mine every day and it has done wonders for my congestion. The one that I purchased came with instructions.


Wow I can't believe how great that worked! Thanks for the tip!


Hey I've tried this and I think I did it wrong. Because when I was done, I looked like a first-ripe tomato. IT BURNED!!! Should I do it again? Should i use coarse sea-salt instead? Thanks...I am happy it worked for you guys.


Not table salt because it contains iodine that stings. Use sea salt.


It is best to use the packets you get with the Netipot. You can buy just the packets. Also distilled water is better than tap water, or boil the water well before using.


It really works!!! YAY!!!

Stuart from dudley

Tried squirting warm salt water up each nostril but didn't do much. Then I snorted a little ground mixed spice and after 5 mins my nose was clear.


Worked great for my brother and me! :) It did not clear us both up right away, but after a few minutes we felt awesome. It does burn a bit when I breathe though.

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