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I just realized that the itching i was experiencing was chigger bites. Don't know where i got them from. I thought i just had really dry skin which i always have on my legs and it tends to itch like crazy. But then i noticed the bumps. I came on this website and reviewed many remedies. What worked best for me was to shower, and scrub my legs with a soapy wash cloth. Then i made a bath and poured half a bag of epsom salt in. Sat in there for about a half an hour. Get out, dry yourself off and then wet another wash cloth with cool mint listerine and rub on itchy area. Then i took a benedryl and went to bed. Best thing i have done. I have a few bites that are a little itchy still, but most have gone down in swelling and do not itch nearly as much. TRY THE LISTERINE! IT WORKS!!!
i also tried the nail polish on them, didn't work at all, was really just a pain to get off. thanks for the remedies everyone!!!

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