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I recently got a canker sore inside my mouth after biting twice. Then it got worse after drinking pineapple juice and eating one of those plastic-wrapped, ready-to-eat apples (gross!). So my sore got worse and it hurt so bad that I couldn't even eat, sleep, laugh, and kiss my husband. So I researched natural remedies and found that these, combined, helped in the healing process: eat banana and yogurt daily, eat anything with turmeric powder and honey, take a Vitamin B-Complex, brush with Rembrandt Canker Sore toothpaste, gargle with warm salty water, and gargle with plain warm water. Avoid acidic food! It sounds like a whole lot but it worked really well for me. My mouth began to heal as soon as I practiced these natural remedies.

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I put salt on my sore and now its bleeding!!! What do I do

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