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For an ink stain, I use pure acetone. Nail polish remover acetone DOES NOT WORK, so you must use the pure acetone that you can buy at Walmart or a hardware store. For my job I had to wear a white coat and my pens leaked onto it and after rubbing acetone onto it, it took away the ink stain. It takes quite a bit of rubbing, though, but it takes about 10 minutes.

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everything is fine so i know that the dark spots on my lips are not anyntihg bad, but i just dont like how they look is there anyntihg to clear or lighten the spots? i have heard that putting lemon juice helps to clear spots on lips over time .My doctor told me that it is a scar from the burning the cold sore did to my lips and that in some people naturally it takes a longer time to go away but now im desperate for them to go away..Since im a guy i cannot wear lipstick so do you guys have any other suggestions? Once again, i have done tests at my doctor's and everything til' now is healthy i emphasize this because i have asked this before and people answer that i should go see a doctor because i might be sick it is not the case here i just want something to make the scars/spots go away! Thanks a lot for suggestions!PD: so does lemon juice help ?Oh i was reading some questions answers in here and someone said that their spots were under the first skin layer mine are on the top layer i could remove the spots by peeling the top layer of but i do not want to do it because it will hurt i know this because one time i accidentaly bit my lip where on spot was and where the spot was on the place where i bit my lip was gone after the bit injury healed .i think since is on the top skin layer it is easier to clear but i do not know with what! thanks again!

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