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Steve Reid

I had many kidney stones over the past 20 years. Went to the hospital 4 times. Finally I read a nutrition book by Adelle Davis, Let's Get Well, published in the 1970's. On her advice, I started taking 3 B6 tablets a day, and a calcium/magnesium tablet. I also started drinking the juice of at least one lemon per day. I still get some very small stones when I miss a day or two, but other than that, no more problems. I flunked chemistry, so I have no idea why this worked.

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I have tried B6 and Magnesium and found, similar to Baking Soda and Water, all three are laxatives. I have tried all three and so far, I've had to spend hours in the bathroom and the kidney stones haven't gone anywhere. Just be aware of this before you try it!


Worked for me for the last 26 years


I just started the b6/magnesium a few days ago with no problems.
I guess I will continue, I have a 5mm stone, I passed the others.


Lemon juice works because it has citric acid in it. The citrate forms a safety net to keep stones from forming.

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