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I have had the most unbearable toothache for the past week, at first i tried aspirin, and it did nothing. My husband suggested rinsing my mouth with saltwater and applying some salt to the tooth and it made it burn but did not help with the pain. I then tried the oldest remedy in the book, cloves. Nothing. It was so excruciating that i looked on the internet for remedies and saw brandy or pepper and salt... I laughed but was willing to try it. I tried brandy first, all it did was make me gag, then i tried ground black pepper and it helped a tiny bit.. So i tried my own remedy.. A wad of cotton wool soaked in brandy, with ground black pepper and a bit of salt. Within a minute the pain was gone and i am able to fall asleep. Hope this helps! It helped me!!!!

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Ashley O.

Omg I just want to say thank you so much I've been pain for hours you're lil trick worked now its time for me finally get some rest

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