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The Green Math Dr

A remedy for burns is honey. I spilled hot grease from a frying pan onto my hand. A friend was near and had a honey packet for her coffee. She started smearing the honey over my burn which was starting to blister. Within seconds the pain started to subside. The burn was completely healed in 2 days but I was not in pain at all after the honey was applied.

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i got a burn on a motorcycle i tryed honey it didnt work forr mee! i did try spray on aloe for aftersun spary it worked the best!


I tried organic healing honey after I burned my fingers with boiling water and it worked ok. It had helped a little more that I had the honey in the fridge.


This was a silly operator error. I was adding hot water to a roman tub to soak for my R.A. too funny- it splashed on my lower legs. I applied Jim Higgins non-pateurized black honey topically and pain subsided -- not immediately but did conquer psin. I will update about scarring or other lingering tissue damage. I personbally believe in honey bees for inflamation.


My son was broiling a ham steak and burned his thumb on the pan, I tried this honey remedy and he said it stung worse, but after 5 min it calmed down...not recommended...


this doesnt work! i tried it on my friend when she burnt her hand on a skillet and it didnt work! use cold flour works alot better! lol hahaha


cold flour really does work better ^^ good job girlfriend!!!!


um wow ^^^^


I burnt my finger while using a hot plate, ran to the computer to check out home remedies, tried the honey. The pain did not stop right away, but a blister was forming before I put it on my finger and about 5 or so minutes later the pain stopped and the blister began to go down. It works!!

Carol - LA.

Burned 3 fingers on hot stove grill. Checked remedies and tried HONEY! It burned for a milli-second then the burn stopped completely. Worked for me so thx!

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