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Lindy lu

I did a candida detox diet for a week, the one off, I am now mostly on raw foods (even raw tomato soup, I can handle it now for some reason) and symptoms have almost vanished, I feel like I can breathe and relax after meals instead of commencing a burping frenzy and crying from the acid.

I gave up on dairy and gluten (breads etc), and jasmine rice. There are types of rice that are irritant and others that aren't.

I still smoke, but have no problems with GERD 80% of the time. I can't begin to say how much giving up dairy has changed everything for the better.

You've heard this before but coffee intake matters too. I never have coffee after meals, in the morning seems to be fine, but only if I drink lots of water too.

So the best thing is to start from scratch, instead of eliminating bits and bobs, eliminate every damn processed food from your diet for a week, and then slowly introduce healthier options.

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Most definately! Get rid of the processed foods! Eat 'FOOD', not too much and MOSTLY plants ;)

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