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sometime if it gets real bad i just jump in my tub, make the water as hot as you can take, and stretch while im in there. this worked for about the first 9 years. dont know why it doesnt work anymore though

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I do this as well. I take Myrapex but sometimes it just doesn't kick in fast enough for how tired I am. About 20 minutes in the tub seems to give the meds time to kick in and I can sleep. However, I am looking for a homeopathic remedy to get off the synthetic drugs altogether!


I too am looking for a good home remedy. I was on all sorts of medication over the years Narcotic and non. the narcotic were great, but I windind up feeling like I was going thru a withdraw on them, so I had to get off. I am reading alot of different things about this magnesium thing. I cant wait to get to the store tomorrow to get the vitamin, and tonic fizz water and whatever else I need. I was even reading bout Iron, but am a little leary bout that, but if it works, im gonna take it. b4 bed, I take a advil pm, take a bath, I load it with epsion salt and a lavender bubble bath. when I get out I rub lots of alcohol on the back of my legs, this seems to help me just enough to fall asleep...ugh!!!


RLS gets worse with time, so what works now nmay not work in the future. I suspect that the RLS got too bad for the hot water treatment.

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