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SO i saw this thing about making a tylenol pm paste. Well i took it an extra step. One of the most affective numbing agents that i know of is cloves. so i made a clove, tylenol and abreva paste. crush the tylenol and clove together then use the abreva to make the paste. apply to sore. and WHALLAAAA.. the pain goes away. the clove numbs the sore. the tylenol keeps the pain away, and the apreva really helps the healing process.

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I tried this. I don't know if I used too much of something or not, but it has been burning for about 30 minutes.... how much of each thing do you use?


I tried this but I don't feel a burn (guess i should be thankful? I crushed 3 tylenol pms, mixed with 1/2 tsp of ground clove and added the abreva to make a paste. When i put it on the sore, it didn't sting at all and now the paste is dry. Did i mess up the portions?


How much of each item are you suppose to use?

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