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I had a molar pulled last Tuesday. The dentist seemed really good, warning me about dry socket. I did everything I was supposed to, but somehow still got it. I went back to him two days ago and he gave me more narcotics and told me to come back to him today. Last night I was in so much pain I wanted to put my head through a wall. I got on-line, and found several websites claiming the same thing about clove oil. I went out at 3am to Walmart and got the wonderful clove oil. I was finally able to get some sleep. Today I kept my appointment with the dentist. I told him what I did, and hed appeared angry. He prepared a mixture of some kind of medicine and gauze. He put numbing gel on my gums, waited less than a min, and shoved the needle in my gums before I was numb. I endured it. He then told me to let him know when my lips were numb. They never got numb, but my cheek did. (it was only one shot) He then started to push his packing into my socket with one of his instruments. He asked me if it hurt.. I told him a little, but that I was fine. He then took his thumb and shoved the gauze deep into teh socket. I screamed. without a word, he walked out leaving me there with my eyes watering. He then came back in with a script for 6 percasets. Told me to come back Friday and he would take out the packing, wait ten min, and if there was still pain, he would repack it. I walked the 3 blocks home in tears. I tossed the appointment card in the trash. right now the pain is worse than ever, but I am afraid to try to pull out the gauze and apply the clove oil. I take it out when the Ibuprofin takes affect. I told him the percs were useless. the script is shredded in the trash. I wont be going back.

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The dentist did the same thing to me i havent been able to eat in 4 day and i go back on monday to get my drysocket re packed the pain is unbearable and the oxycodone only makes me itch and he used clove stuff in the gauze he had because i could taste and i still cant talk normal because my tounge has been numb scince i had my wisdom teeth taken out wednesday and still havent attempted to smoke a cigg or drink from a straw yet i still got dry socket! i do not wanna go back to that dentist at all..


the exact same thing happened to me-- but no numbing or anything! I went in there expecting no pain and suddenly he shoved his pointy instrument and gauze dipped in clove oil into my raw, newly open holes! I tried not to writhe in pain but it was honestly the most excruciating thing I have ever felt in my life. I ran out of the office in tears and cried the entire car ride home because the pain was so shocking. However, after 30 minutes all pain in my dry socket DID go away. The next time (3 days later) I got the gauze removed and the hole repacked it did not hurt at all... Was it worth it? I guess so but be prepared for the most intense pain of your life!

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