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Suffered for years and I tried lysine, and silver nitrate, salt, and a host of other remedies, but I would still get ulcers...several at a time that would last for weeks and this remedy reduces them dramatically if not eliminates them.

I have used an SLS-free toothpaste for years and have only had 2 mouth ulcers in 8 years. And those 2 came after brushing with a regular toothpaste.

The solution is: Get a toothpaste that is SLS-free (sodium lauryl sulfate) and free of abrasive ingredients like silica and baking soda. The SLS is the foaming ingredient that makes you feel like you are getting a great clean with all the bubbles, but actually it depletes the natural protective mucosal lining of the mouth...Making the lining more likely to succumb to mouth-acids, wear and tear from chewing and the other abrasive items in standard toothpastes. Order the special toothpastes online or just read the ingredients at your local health food store or just brush without. It is actually the flossing and brushing that do the cleaning, not the toothpaste. Some people are sensitive to the flouride as well.

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Check my blog for my solution to mouth ulcers. I use Anbesol.

Sharon Voorhees

I've successfully used Lysine for many years. As soon as ulcer starts, I take 2 morning and night first day, then 1 morning and night for 6 more days. Ulcer pain is usually gone after 1st or 2nd days. I take the rest of the week to keep it from coming back. Thank you for mentioning Lysine. I thought we were out and I couldn't remember the name, so was scouring the web hoping someone would mention it (since I couldn't remember the name). When I found your post, I yelled 'LYSINE' and my husband said we had some and pulled it out of his medicine shelf. Yeaaaaa! So now I know I'm on the way to recovery. Thanks again for mentioning it, even though it doesn't work for you.

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