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my dog had ticks after walking in a field, we put tea tree oil on a q-tip & barely touched the tick, it practically jumped off. We got ea. one even if it was starting to embed, maybe put in a spray, I'm sure it'll work on fleas!!

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Megan Howie

if you put tea tree oil in your own shampoo it can also prevent you from getting head lice. you only need a drop or 2.


Tea tree oil causes neuralogical damage to dogs


when you shock a tic, it regurgitates the blood it has been consuming from the animal back into their bloodstream, this is usually a main cause of Lyme Disease. Remove the tics head with a pair of tweezers or needle nose pliers to prevent it from doing this before you kill it. Remove the body and let the head naturally break down from the body's enzymes, just watch for infection and wash the wound with peroxide or alcohol.


i put tea tree oil in my kids shampoo to keep lice away. i bet if you put it in your dogs shampoo it would do the same thing.


Where can I buy tea tree oil?


tried the tea tree oil and it didnt work. tried it on about 15 ticks and none of them let go of my dog. ended up pulling them off with tweezers.

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