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Manicou River Eco Resort

I live in Manicou River Eco Resort on the Caribbean island of Dominica in the West Indies where we treat and care for local dogs. Ocho came to us with a low immune system and gets recurring mange. We have tried the chemical treatment but it was very harsh on her. We also tried neem oil without very good results. I took her to see the vet who works with PAWS the rescue dog charity and was recommended a local treatment.

2 liters of Seawater (or salt water)
½ a Calabash. (Or bottle gourd or opo squash not to be confused with the calabaza) Scoop out the fleshy insides of the calabash and squeeze into seawater
3 fresh limes squeezed and mixed with the seawater & calabash

Strain and coat the dog in the liquid. Do not rinse for 2 days and rinse and repeat the process twice.
Fantastic results! No more mange and she started to grow her shiny new hair back as soon as the treatment finished. Very happy Ocho Dog.

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Hi. I wanna try this because its the cheapest and most natural ingredients aside from other suggestions. I really hope this works my dog is in serious trouble and so are the rest of the dogs the dogs that are with her at home

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