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First I would like to thank those that have posted and given some of their experiences and stories. Reading through the posts actually helped me work through an attack. A reminder that no matter how much it feels like it when you are having an attack, you are not alone…or crazy. ;-)

I have had anxiety and panic attacks for a while. I had them as a child but did not know what they were at the time. As a child, when I had an attack it felt like I was looking through someone else eyes, very surreal. I think my curious nature to see where it was going is the only thing that let me work through the anxiety attack without worse effects. I am currently 31 and still experience attacks. The attacks are also fueled by OCD habits and thought patterns. Especially when it comes to restrictions of choices, physical and mental & emotional constrictions/restrictions; Like catastrophia is various forms. Another example: If I agree or decide to do A and it may restrict me from doing/experiencing B, C and or D. I have a great potential for an attack. That’s life…some would say….unfortunately attacks aren’t logical things or I could have problem solved my way out of them long ago.
What works for me WHEN AN ATTACK IS ONSET….
1. I don’t fight it! It makes it worse.
2. Breathe. Slow, deep breaths. If I feel my breath keep going into my upper chest(throat) only, hyperventilating, I put my hand(s) on the side of my chest or rib cage and try to concentrate my breath to my hands. Sitting/standing up helps the breathing as well.
3. Distracting the senses, in turn changing neg. to pos. thoughts. (Audio/Olfaction/Touch/Visual) … (even in background), relaxing or comforting scent, rubbing stone, something fluffy, picture of loved ones (also helps if you have trouble sleeping) For some it may work for a friend to hold your hand. I find if someone tries to hug me when I’m in an attack it makes it worse, but a light touch on the arm or hand doesn’t.
If you are someone that has attacks, it is a good idea to have things close by. MP3 player, something fuzzy your friend gave you on your key chain. Someone else blogged they have plastic baggie with cotton ball soaked in a scent. If you are someone researching for a friend, here are some gift ideas.
4. Pych. I use my own attack's logic against itself. For the most part any logic being fed by your attack won’t be able to stand any line of questioning or reality check.
If my attack is telling me, “It’s not right/perfect, it won’t work.” I tell myself if I’m that worried about it not being right, then I know I will make the time to make it work. “The new job is going to keep you from doing those things.” If those things are that important to me I will find other ways/times to do them. Get yourself out of the attack before making a decision whether the job best works for you. Making major decisions during an attack is not advisable. I have. Not advisable.
5. Give yourself permission to work though an attack. Allow yourself the time. The world will not blow up or melt away if you do.

1. Eat well. No sugar, sweeteners, caffeine, sodium, avoid processed foods (as they have many of the previous in them) I know it may be easier said then done, but the more you avoid them the better it will be. Experiment. Side note, I bet your skin will look better too. And you will be able to taste all the flavors in your food more.
2. Exercise. I find if I don’t do something, even just taking a hike a few times a week. I go into mood swings and thoughts that can lead to an attack. For me, I tend to have a lot of energy and if I don’t use it, it goes stale in my body, bogs everything down, then the vicious cycle begins. For those who tend not to be very active, or energy people, or “busy”, exercise (full body physical activity of any sort) helps at least keep you balanced mentally and physically. You don’t have to do a lot, just be consistent in what you do and it will make a difference. Suggest walking/hikes with a partner.
3. Sleep. Restful sleep. I found that taking naps helped. It took the pressure off of ‘you have to sleep now’. ‘You have to make sure you get your 8 hrs’. for some reason just lying on the couch or in a comfy chair for an hour , ½ hour, even 15min is some of the best sleep I get. So when I do go to bed, I sleep a lot better. And taking some breather time before I go to bed, to let the day go. Also helps a lot. I find if I stay up, push myself, until I’m so tried I don’t want to do anything but sleep, and just go to bed, it is not as restful of sleep. Also during the day if I don’t give myself some breather time. Same results.
4. Supplements/Vitamins. There are some great suggestions on the other posts.

2 WEEKS, is a magic timeframe. If you can be consistent with any routine, eating habit for 2 weeks, you’ll notice a difference and also develop a habit in a pos. direction.

I know this was loooong. But I hope it does help. I know it helps me just seeing it all in writing. Side note: If you are questioning your insanity you are probably pretty sane, in a bad spot, but sane. ;-)

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Your post has been very helpful, I have suffered from anxiety attacks yrs. ago, and now they are back from time to time. I have had alot of stress lately. It's nice to know I am not alone.


Thank you I have to say
I have confidence after just reading that. i pray it works. But it sounds promising


Thank you for all your great ideas. I too am hopeful just reading them.

Heather W.

Thank you so much. My 7-yr-old son just started having panic attacks out of nowhere a couple months ago. Very scary for me, who has never experienced one. I appreciate your tips. They will help me soothe my son.


Thank You for your advice, it helped me to understand alot about my panic attacks! I will now right down the advice in my notebook and look to it often! =)


I recommend you try calmilus 365! It works and my mom is a living proof! Search for it on the search engines!

cassie raspone

I just wanted to say that when I read ur blog I felt as if I was reading my own. That alone, reading what u wrote helped my anxiety which I had for 2 days straight. I also suffer from ocd. I was thinking of starting an online Anxiety Anonymous buddy system. However if anyone has any comments contact me at or look me up on facebook. Thanks again.

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