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My whole left side of my mouth felt like it was broken from a toothache I had. Like most, I found this site in the middle of the night desperately searching for a remedy just to get to sleep. After trying tea bags, salt water, and vanilla and not getting any relief, I tried putting icy hot outside on my cheek where it hurt. This got me to sleep for about an hour, which I was VERY grateful for. The next day I went to Walgreens and got the Red Cross toothache relief and the toothache gum. The red cross soothed it for about a minute, but the gum was a gift from God. Thank you for the help.

I saw that most of the people posting in this were people without dental coverage. I was at my wits end with the toothache as it kept coming back. I don't have dental either, but I called 800 dentist and found a dentist willing to take payments. Definitely worth it.

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yes i am a familiar user of this Red CRoss! i am only able to find it at walgreens or rite aid and it cost $7 a tiny bottle but is well worth it! way better than any competitors! i dont use the cottonballs with it tho i use q-tips and apply to both sides of the pain and try to let it sit on the spot for a few! HORRIBLE TASTE! but well worth the pain releif! i wont lie it dont keep the pain away but helps alot plus i take extra strenghth midol also! (yes im a guy so people quit tripping these girls have good drugs) lol!


Closest dentist that 1-800-Dentist could find for me was 6 hrs away.


Mouth wash or any type of alcohol thats withstandable.. Short term relief but its almost instant releif

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