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Someone suggested Lice shampoo as a lotion and I have to say that really did help. I smelled a bit like RAID but it seemed to work. I makes sense actually - it's medicine for LICE it has to work a little on other BODY BUGS - Again - totally gross.
The next remedy that REALLY REALLY worked for me was Calagel Anti Itch GEL. It's for poison oak/ivy AND bug bites. You can find it at a drug store in the anti itch section.

I dont know if it was this or the muriad of pain I've inflicted on myself trying to stop the insanity but I HAVEN'T ITCHED ONCE since appying and the bites seem less irritated.
Good luck to all of my fellow Chggerites. Good luck and stay out of the weeds!

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after clear nail polish that only reminded me of where not to scrach relief came from lice shampoo. like the other blogger said you smell like raid but oh oh oh what a relief. i hate chiggers!!!!!

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