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I have eczema in my ears. No where else on my body, although I do have dry skin. I also have chronic eye dryness, which I wonder if it's all related, but that's another topic I'm sure. Anyway, after a particularly nasty secondary ear infection recently I was bound and determined to find something that healed my ears of the constant pain, burning, itching, and crusty weeping. I've been dealing with it for the past 10 years, and I thought I had to live with it. Pain is a funny motivator. My ear was swollen shut and the lymph nodes from under the ear down my neck to my shoulders were all swollen. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and oral steroids and a steroid creme. The oral steroids were magic. It took away the swelling, the pain and the itching! But quite soon after the last dose the itching returned as well as the crusty weeping. I knew the steroid creme would only be a short term maintenance solution. (I haven't even filled the scrip.) I want my ears to be healthy! Not just maintain the condition. I found an oil called miracell. See I had a sample sitting in my bathroom for months, didn't know what it was!! I put it on my leg to try it out and immediately knew it was quality. I got online looking for more and kicked myself when I learned I could have put it in my ears! I got more and I've been putting it in my ears now for the past few days, 2 or 3 times a day. I'm in love. It's a combo of oils and contains myrrh which is an antibacterial. I highly recommend this stuff! They have an oil called Calm Ear. I compared the ingredients to their main oil, Skin Relief & Support. Its the same exact stuff, only the FDA requires they put a paraben in the Calm Ear, the other oil is paraben free. The Calm Ear is hard to track down, they ended up sending me samples of the Calm Ear, and I just bought the main oil at my local health food store, its the same stuff.
My ear infection was severe and I'm glad I went to the doc for that. I don't know if it's a remedy for an ear infection, but for the eczema it is absolutely helping and I hope that it will indeed help my skin help itself to return to complete health. I am also cutting out dairy and sugar in hopes to eliminate the root cause. Good luck to you.

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Jenna Lee

I have been battling this same prblem for years! I am always itching and my ears are always crusty and draining. I get horrible infections in both years at least every other month. I am battling a really bad one right now that I have had 2 sets of antibiotics for and still is bad. My left ear is completly swollen shut and my right one is really swollen and has bad soars on it. I have been to doctor after doctor including specialist, gotten some steriod creams helped a little but problem was never gone. I have pretty much been todl to deal with it. but when the pain gets so bad I am dizzy and sick to my stomach, not so cool! it hurts all the way down my neck and nothing seams to help. I thought I was the only one with this problem. my boyfriend insists it is a fungus of some sort from my ears not getting dry enough. gonna try vinagar and alchol tonight... i will try anything! I have a appointment with another specialist in 2 weeks :)


I have this same problem and have been dealing with it for about 5 years. I have used antibotics but they only help as long as I'm using them. As soon as I stop, the dry crusty weeping comes back, almost the next day! I have started using Wally's Ear Oil for the past 2 days and I am already seeing an improvement. I don't put the drops in my ears but put the oil on a Q-tip and apply it that way, even inside but not all the way. Has a strong smell, but not a bad smell. I hope this helps somebody too.


I too have itchy ears that can inexplicably swell it seems. When I then use like neomycin they swell even worse. I don't know why they swell and are painful to touch and itch - the itching gets worse when, I itch them. The only thing that gave me any relief, and it has to be done right at the first symptoms is wetting a tip with benedine...that red antiseptic stuff. A chinese doctor told me that it can be a fungus sometimes that causes the ears to itch. Whatever, it does work but it doesn't cure it. THe swelling and the itching always comes back.
It used to get worse around me period and then subside. My doctors just keep telling to use the neomycin, etc. They can't 'see' anything except that my ear(s) is swollen. I really, really wish I knew what to do about it. I have not been eating sugar for Lent and do notice that when I have milk like with cereal - the swelling gets worse.
I am relieved that I am not going crazy. SOrry for everyone who has this. Thank you for posting..I am not alone!


Hello again. Wow, I notice you all are saying how nice it is to know you are not alone! I so second that. Well, here I am sitting here with an earache again. I kinda slacked off on dealing with it, fell back into complacency. But reading your posts, makes me want to start a website dedicated to gathering info, where we can compare symptoms and log trends with foods and such. someone said they notice it gets worse with Soda, yeah, I do too, which I find very interesting. The junky buildup in my ears was so bad that a few days ago I cleaned it out with hydrogen peroxide. there was massive foaming. but they felt a lot better, very dry though, heck I can deal with that though. but then I slowly started developing some pain. Not sure if it's the soda or due to the cleaning. Only one side has issues even though I cleaned out both. might be a combo. anyway, i recently started taking Inositol supplements, as I read it helps clear up eczema. I'll post if/when I get the website started.


thank you thank you. I'm battling the same issue.

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