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I have eczema in my ears. No where else on my body, although I do have dry skin. I also have chronic eye dryness, which I wonder if it's all related, but that's another topic I'm sure. Anyway, after a particularly nasty secondary ear infection recently I was bound and determined to find something that healed my ears of the constant pain, burning, itching, and crusty weeping. I've been dealing with it for the past 10 years, and I thought I had to live with it. Pain is a funny motivator. My ear was swollen shut and the lymph nodes from under the ear down my neck to my shoulders were all swollen. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and oral steroids and a steroid creme. The oral steroids were magic. It took away the swelling, the pain and the itching! But quite soon after the last dose the itching returned as well as the crusty weeping. I knew the steroid creme would only be a short term maintenance solution. (I haven't even filled the scrip.) I want my ears to be healthy! Not just maintain the condition. I found an oil called miracell. See I had a sample sitting in my bathroom for months, didn't know what it was!! I put it on my leg to try it out and immediately knew it was quality. I got online looking for more and kicked myself when I learned I could have put it in my ears! I got more and I've been putting it in my ears now for the past few days, 2 or 3 times a day. I'm in love. It's a combo of oils and contains myrrh which is an antibacterial. I highly recommend this stuff! They have an oil called Calm Ear. I compared the ingredients to their main oil, Skin Relief & Support. Its the same exact stuff, only the FDA requires they put a paraben in the Calm Ear, the other oil is paraben free. The Calm Ear is hard to track down, they ended up sending me samples of the Calm Ear, and I just bought the main oil at my local health food store, its the same stuff.
My ear infection was severe and I'm glad I went to the doc for that. I don't know if it's a remedy for an ear infection, but for the eczema it is absolutely helping and I hope that it will indeed help my skin help itself to return to complete health. I am also cutting out dairy and sugar in hopes to eliminate the root cause. Good luck to you.

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WOW! I too have ear canal eczema - the itching can drive you truly batty - so thank you for your post. But I was wondering if you could say what the main oil was that you purchased at the health food store was, and did you add your own myrrh to it or in short - what is your recipe for your ear canal eczema remedy? Thank you so very much, M


Hi there,
I have been battling THE SAME PROBLEM for five years now; I've been to countless ear doctors, and nothing helps long term. I am curious to know if using this product (miracell) has helped to CURE your ear infection. Please let me know. Thanks.!


First I'm surprised to find others with the same problem! It it not common. Happy to meet you, sad to hear your dealing with this. Unfortunately I have good news AND bad news. Grr. I'm a bit frustrated with the bad news. The good news is the Miracell product I spoke about before, helps greatly, but it hasn't taken away the problem but it does stop the itching...for a while. Its called 'Skin Relief & Support' by Miracell. However, like I said, it didn't take away the problem. I really was hoping it would. The relief is still appreciated. The bad news is, I now have another ear infection in both ears again! Except the discharge in both ears smells like vinegar. I'm pretty convinced this is an allergy to something. One article I was reading said that the 4 main food allergies are dairy, fructose, gluten, and yeast. I've cut dairy out of my diet for the most part, every now and then I'll have some butter on things but that's it. I don't normally drink soda pop, but when I do I have a load of it, because I'm pulling an all nighter. After that, my ears go mental, the itching gets really bad and the discharge and crusty buildup gets pretty thick. I just read a thread about somebody's baby's ears smelling like vinegar. and one respondent said they cut gluten. I plan on doing that. Its going to be hard as I love love love bread, and I eat oatmeal all the time.Also, the doc I saw for the last major ear infection prescribed an oral steroid that was MAGIC! I'm not kidding you, my ears went back to normal size and felt great! They were pretty swollen, and since then I realized that they are swollen when they are itchy. She also prescribed me a steroid cream called Lidex (Fluocinonide). I didn't fill because I was hoping the miracell would be it, but I'm going to fill it tomorrow, just to deal with any major itching. Also I'm going to slam the Flora and see if the vinegar smell goes away. Lets keep in touch! Tell me what you are doing. I think this is an allergy for sure, maybe to all 4 main allergies. What do you think?


oh I forgot to say the Myrrh is in the Miracell product. I also say that it is worth getting and using help with the itching. When I swallow I can feel the itching further down, and it helps a lot with that. The steroid route really is only short term, for bad flare ups. The oral was great, but it was only a 6 day thing that they had to titrate off as soon as they started me on it. Bad news for the body long term, or even short term apparently. Same with the steroid creme, it will make the skin thin where you use it. I'm going to get it just to deal with the bad flare/break out. Like a heavy duty zit cream you only use on a volcano.;) But all those options are only ways to maintain the issue, as for cure....I think the cure is to figure out the food allergy and eliminate the source. Stop taking in what is causing it. I crave a lot of those things. Which is a sign its a problem. Also I'll give myself all good things to promote health, such as Probiotic flora, and the miracell-I really think its a great product. Its helped heal my cat scratches quickly as well. Again, tell me what you are doing.


okay check this out. I now have a vinegar smell in both ears. Vinegar's main component is acetic acid. Acetic acid is derived from the fermentation of ethanol. One way ethanol is derived is the fermentation of sugar. hello.


also, the fact that sugar turns to pure alcohol in your blood, ethanol, is one of the reasons it's so bleepin addictive. I've already been 3 months no chocolate, and it wasn't as hard as I thought. Sugar might be a bit harder, but I'm going to focus on the good things for me to eat. It will take more research and responsibility in preparing foods that aren't processed and loaded with sugar.


Hi. I have been dealing with the same crusty ears for some time now. Are you sure it isn't psoriasis instead of eczema? Certain shampoos that I use can also make it worse or come back after it went away for some time. A dermatologist can really help instead of an ENT.
Godd luck everyone!


Wow. I am not alone. My ear contstantly itch. They also get very tender and sometimes swell. They have swollen shut a few times and I went to the doctor. The skin sometime flakes and sometimes, my ears ooze. I am trying vinegar becuase my last doc suggest a vinegar/rubbing alchohol soultion. I am also taking Benadryl. This is a very frustrating condition.


Thank you all for helping me to see I am not alone. Most people that I tell about my ears constantly itching look at me like I am crazy. I do have PK (sorry cant remember what that stands for, but it is tiny white bumps (dry skin in them) that are on the back of my upper arms and top of my upper legs) as well as several environmental allergies.
Recently the dermatologist did a scraping of the inside of my ear and found it is not a fungus. She gave me a very powerful steroid cream (and expensive) that does stop the itching called HALOG. I have tried practically everything on the market for itchy ears; including some fungal creams/drops. Dermotic Oil worked for awhile. Just my body becomes immune to everything so quickly that I do not get relief for long. Now a days my ears feel like they are swollen and the feeling goes down past the drum.
I have noticed that after I have Soda, my ears itch more often and severely. I have been reading labels on products I use on my head, face, and neck. Trying to stay away from products with fragrances and dyes as well as formaldehyde (allergy). My doctor suggested using Vanicream lite lotion and AmLactin moisturizing body cream to help with the dry skin. I use the Vanicream for the PK and the Amlactin for all other areas of dry skin.
I am still in search of something that will CURE the itching, flaking, wetness feeling, and pain in my ears. I wish all the other suffers some much needed relief and God Bless.


Here's another person to add to the itchy-ear/frequent ear infection squad. And like another person on this thread, I also have problems with the infection moving down into the glands under my jaws. I think I am causing part of the problem because I use bobby pins to clean all of the excess wax and seborretic skin flakes out of my ears. Yes, yes, I understand that this is a bad thing to do, but I produce so much wax I could open a candle factory :), and of course, Q-Tips pack it down and smear it around instead of getting it out. After an ear infection (which only improves with antibiotics) the skin behind the infected ear becomes raw, which requires steroid cream use for quite a while.
My GP is stumped and has sent me to a dermatologist, who just said I should learn to live with the itchy sensation (helpful,huh?) It's very frustrating to be dismissed like this.
I have tried olive oil with no luck. I will look into the products recommended by you all.

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