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I have been in EXCRUTIATING PAIN for several days. My tooth is cracked down to under the gum and there is a metal filling in that tooth thats making it even worse. OUTCH..

I read all of posts. I'm sitting here calm and collect thanks to who ever said use ALMOND EXTRACT.. That shit works SUPER FAST. I can smile and write now. It taste pretty good too..

I'm getting the tooth pulled out. I'm pretty old and my teeth are going to all eventually fall out. So are yours.

Someone suggested getting them all pulled out and I'm thinking about it. None of the celebrities have there own teeth. Everyone is getting implants now.

They have mini implants now which only cost about 5k and unlike the full implants, your dentist can replace them easily if a new model comes out. I'm really thinking about it.

I heard your mouth will never hurt again.

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Sweet Tooth Mommy

After 4 ibprophens, warm salt water (burned so bad my brain almost jumped outta my cranium...lmao) I have been swishing cold bottled water which now my cheek is cold, but relieves some seconds of non pain. So I got online to search for a natural home remedy. I decide to try vanilla extract first. It works a little, but burns abit with you first apply, there is a little relief, but not much. I then I found this paragraph which says try using almond extract and so I did. I applied it with a qtip and I think I burned the inside of my cheek (extracted pain from the It also burns and the pain is relieve a bit longer than vanilla extract. I want to try cloves but I'm nervous that'll burn like crazy too. :(

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