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If you really want to get rid of ANY type of sore throat, even strep, slowly lick a spoon of MANUKA HONEY of at least 15+ but not higher thatn 18+ UMF, and it will be completely gone before the day is over. It is amazing even for the absolute worst and most painful sore throat. It never fails and is worth the price. Good luck.

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Where do you buy the honey from? I've never heard of it.


You can buy Manuka Honey at pharmacies and sometimes at supermarkets in the health foods section. There are also special Manuka honey sweets that are designed for sore-throats.


What does 15+ and 18+ UMF mean?


This honey is from New Zealand I believe, and is well known for its use in herbal remedies. I understand it costs more than 'ordinary' honey. I would also like to know what the ratings mentioned refer to.

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