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CLove Oil.
I live by it.
Dentist told me many years ago (decades) that its the active ingredient in orajel and those other remedies. I dip a cotton swab in the bottle (from local healthfood store very long shelflife too) Squeeze the excess off against the inside of the bottle and apply to the area. WHen its really bad which it has been today i applied twice to the area. Over use can make your gums sore but I'm good so far holds the pain at bay fro several hours sometimes overnite. Tooth is in death-throes so will get more intense along with the earache. But CLOVE OIL for the win.

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Thanks, I was in tears about 15 minutes ago so I googled toothache home remedies. Your suggestion worked great although I had to tweak it a little. I had no clove oil but I did have ground cloves. I took ground cloves and mixed it with vanilla extract (another suggestion on this page). I dabbed it on the tooth and WOW! The pain went away immediatly! I have a teabag in my mouth right now just to be sure but I Think I will sleep tonight!!! Thanks!!


The Clove Oil worked wonderfully. Thank you very much. I tried a lot of the remedies suggested on this site and the Clove Oil did the trick.

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