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Ive had my share of ingrown toenails and let me just say...IT SUCKS! I am a registered male nurse and have experienced ingrown toenails enough to come up with a less painful solution. Start by cleaning the nail with some alcohol or alcohol wipes. Next, take a pair of nail clippers and gently clip the area where the toe is growing into your skin and remove it. (YOU WILL EXPERIENCE PAIN, BUT HEY, NO PAIN NO GAIN). Next, apply some hydrogen peroxide followed by a little dab of betadine. Then, apply some neospoein or any other antibiotic ointment. There is another step to this remedy but it is optional; although i believe it is a neccessary step in this particular scenario. After applying the antibiotic ointment, take an amoxicicilin pill and remove one side of the capsule, exposing the powdery substance inside. Apply the amoxicilin powder on top of the ointment and around the inflamed area of the toe. Doing this keeps the wound dry and will the lessen the amount of moisture in and around the ingrown part of the toe. No moisture = no bacteria to enter the wound. Finish up by dressing the wound with a breathable, adhesive band-aid and change the dressing every moring and night. Recovery and comfort follows shortly after. Hope this helps!! :) P.S. If you tried this remedy, pls comment wether it be good or bad. I just wanna help as best i can.

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thank you so much! i just did this and my toe doesnt hurt at ALL :) what a relief!

Gina Castelli

You are never supposed to clip your toenail where it is growing into the skin. The best remedy is to keep it clean and relieve the pain (if you can) until the toenail grows out past the skin. Keeping your nails short on the sides is the worst thing you can do. Not only does it prolong the problem, but there is the risk of irritating the already irritated skin further.


Well I started to use your method, but with no health insurance etc. I ended up taking a blade and cutting threw the nail then to the length of the nail and twisting it towards the side it was growing into and slowly pulling it out. Your information was helpful I appreciate the information. :]


Thank you!


Where can i get that powder! :(


Thank you soooo much! My toenail has been ingrown for weeks and feels MUCH BETTER now! Only prob. is that it started bleeding a little bit.


i thought you said you had a less painful solution? Are you kidding! Ripping my nail out is the MOST painful solution!


Thank so much. My older brother had a nail growing into his finger and was in so much pain my 5yr old daughter told him to 'BE A MAN' LOL. But i used a safety pin to let the pressure out and the ammoxicillin was a great idea. I also gave him a motrin 600 for the pain. His finger is much better now.


The (nurse) that made the comment about amoxil powder needs to go back to school and learn how beta lactams work. You would have to apply at minimum of 4 times a day and this would put you at huge risk for resistant staph infection, which is prevelant on skin. Beta Lactams are time above MIC for killing of bacteria.

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