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Hello fellow toothachers!! I have had excruciating pain in my upper tooth for about 9 hrs and Im at work. I read a lot of home remedies to hopefully stop the insanity of my pain safely while at work. Obviously, I can't use alcohol or have olive oil or most of the ingredients I have read. I WILL TELL you that I did find a simple remedy that seems to be helping and THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR ADDING IT HERE!
It was a simple black teabag to lay between your cheek and gum where pain is, well I went looking for that teabag and someone here THANK YOU had one and it was a Vanilla Black Teabag. I have it in now and I can finally think straight first time all night! Since The 3600mg of ibuprofen and Vicodin didnt work!!
It worked for me and I hope it works for you!!!!
Happy pain ending!

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Thank you sooo mush! This trick works instantly!


I have terrible toothache tonight and it get to my head. I try your suggestion of using tea bag and instantly the pain go away. Well i not sure for how long, better get to sleep while i can. Thanks for the remedy.


Does the tea bag have to be hot? Like just out of a cup of hot water? Or is it just a plain tea bag?

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