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Go to walmart and get a goldfish with small bowl. Oh my god, he might have an infection. Promptly go online and order some Pharmaceutical grade amoxicillin(aqua-mox), ciprofloxacin(aqua-floxin), cephalexin(fish flex), erythromycin(fish mycin). Now that your fish's antibiotics are on the way, hot salt water wash, brush with sensodyne, hydrogen peroxide wash, warm water wash. High dose vitamin-C
(Ester-C) and your choice of anti-inflammatory. Keep it as drained as possible. Repeat as necessary to manage the problem. If the problem has seemed to go away, continue treatment for an additional week to ensure the infection is COMPLETELY GONE not just reduced swelling so there is no pain. If it goes away and comes back, it will be meaner, more aggressive, and more resilient. Alcohol should be avoided completely for the duration of treatment as it impairs the body's ability to fight infection and causes an increase in blood-pressure(more pain until you drink yourself unconscious and the blood pressure will now stay high because you are in pain).

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