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'Just Garlic'
After reading all these home remedies I decided to try 'Garlic'. So I went to the pharmacy and bought Garlic Oil sofgel 1000mg ($4.59) and took one capsule. The next day I took another capsule and I decided to inserted a garlic clove inside my vigina, 3 hours later, yeast infection was gone. To feel safe about this remedy and to make sure the garlic did not get stuck inside I took a tread and made a little whole in the middle of the garlic clove and pushed the thread thru the garlic. For the first 10 minutes I felt a little burn but after that I did not felt anything at all. The itchines, burning and weird discharge was gone.
This is the most amazing remedy and trust me ladies 'It Works!!!! The best part is that I did not have to use another garlic the next day or leave it over night.

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just be careful. raw garlic can burn burn vital vaginal stuff. wrap it in cheese cloth to avoid the risk


What is a cheese cloth?


This works immediately. I took your garlic idea. After putting the thread throughthye center. I left i dipped the garlic in plain yourgurt with Accidophilus for 10 minutes then inserted into my vagina.I immediately felt relieved and my discharge was completely gone the next morning.

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