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I am 70 years old and have been fighting panic attacks off an on since about age 20. After a lot of therapy
I found most women who suffer panic attacks have been abused. Talk therapy helps but when something really stressful triggers you it's back to the therapist again. Drugs work and they are better than doing crazy things when you are in a severe panic attack.
I like herbs and sometimes they work. Kava and lemon balm and valerian have all worked somewhat.
BUT there are just times when nothing but Xanax works.

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Xanax will make things much worse if you take it on a regular basis. Using it more than once a week, or for longer than a few days will build a tolerance and cause you to want to take more as it also makes the attacks worse. Be very cautious with any drug.


this is true, do not rely on any benzodiazepenes for long term treatment


Thank you so much for validating some very important key points for me: the part a/b women having been abused. Whenever I start having body or memory flashbacks to torture & rape from father during childhood, this attacks come on w/a VENGEANCE.

I have been thru yrs of talk therapy, sometimes herbal stuff works for me...and as much as I HATE to be on Xanax, I have to tell the truth: there are times when it is the only thing that keeps me from doing worse things: self-harming, making suicidal plans, other risky behavior...I get to a point where the attack is so bad & I am so wound up & out of control, I become like a caged animal & cannot think straight.

I feel for anyone who has to live thru this. (Wish my father was...)


Be careful with the Kava it has been known to cause liver damage.


I had a wonderful childhood but still suffer panic and anxiety. I too take xanax and although it works, i'd like to get off them. If you find something natural that works for you, please share. Also, how can I ween myself off the xanax with worsening my attacks?

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